A tireless supporter of children in need of aid and the organizations that help them, Elliott Dolin was once described by Rabbi Gavriel Hershoff as “truly inspiring,” in recognizing him for his efforts on behalf of the children supported by the Jewish education and guidance program Aish Tamid of Los Angeles. Elliott Dolin also dedicates time, effort, and monetary support to Doctors Without Borders, Ezer Mizion, and Chabad of California.

Chabad of California is a not-for-profit branch of West Coast Chabad Lubavitch, dedicated to supporting the community through kind acts steeped in traditional Jewish tradition. Now in its fourth decade of operation, Chabad of California consists of more than 200 centers and manages day and elementary schools and summer activity camps. One of the initiatives introduced by Chabad of California is the Friendship Circle, a program that links children with special needs, such as autism, with teenage and adult volunteers who visit, befriend, and support them on a regular basis.

The Friendship Circle works to maintain and expand a strong community based on friendship and support, and it has a volunteer membership base now exceeding 11,000. The network benefits more than 5,000 children with special needs every year, operating out of 82 chapters across the United States. The Friendship Circle is open to all children regardless of their religious affiliation.